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Bee - live with no regrets [userpic]

When You're in Need

Title: When You're in Need

Verse: headcanons

Headcanon: Tim 011 - Somehow, whenever Tim has a migraine Dick always knows.  So, if Dick can manage to corner him Tim is forced to stop working - not that Tim minds very much.

Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake, Dick Grayson

Rating: light and fluffy, everyone

Excerpt: Really, Dick wasn't even in Gotham and Tim's a hundred percent sure that Dick doesn't have any surveillance in Tim's room.  Well okay, maybe ninety-nine percent sure.

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Bee - live with no regrets [userpic]


May 30th, 2012 (01:54 pm)

I am Bee.  I am mostly found on tumblr (babybirdblues.tumblr.com) nowadays.

Truthfully, I completely forgot about my livejournal until now haha.

So, I am debating whether or not to post writing here as well.  Because this would be a good place to back it up.  Huhm.

Maybe this will be where I post my drawings and sketches.  Yes.  Maybe.

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